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Published: Saturday, October 20, 2001

Updated: Saturday, October 10, 2009

Date: July 21, 2001 From: Satish Chandra, P. O. Box 2029, Cambridge, MA 02238 Telephone: (617)407-0071 FAX: (617)825-4973 E-Mail: To: Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: The "village idiot" (see below) in the White House, while building a National Missile Defense, plans to bring the number of U.S. strategic warheads down to perhaps 1,500 or even less. A decade ago, Israel's nuclear arsenal was estimated at close to a thousand warheads and now it is probably more. Israel has nuclear-armed cruise missiles with ranges in the thousands of miles on naval vessels. It was said a decade ago that Israel can do whatever the U.S. and Russia can do with nuclear weapons. A world in which Israel has as many, or more, nuclear warheads as the U.S. or Russia is not a world anyone would want to live in. A prime minister of India (P. V. Narasimha Rao) said the nuclear weapons in the world were enough to destroy the world 20,000 times over. Though mistaken, this statement illustrated what has kept the world from dissolving into chaos. The Israelis are less stupid than India's prime ministers and a world in which their nuclear strength is greater than that of the U.S. or Russia (by controlling the U.S., they in effect control the U.S. arsenal also and their control increases with time) will be a world of unimaginable evil. The U.S. and Russia should be building UP their nuclear arsenals (with weapons of a different kind), not building them down and, even more importantly, removing the control of Israel and its friends over the United States (see below). Satish Chandra ADDED ON AUGUST 1, 2001: As a result of the above letter, "...the administration has indefinitely deferred seeking Senate ratification of...the 1993 nuclear weapons reduction treaty with Russia..." (New York Times, July 29 '01, page 14 wk, editorial). A columnist in the New York Times (July 18 '01, page A23) pointed out that the Bush administration is applying my proposal about money (this columnist tried to steal my proposal in the process) to the U. S. economy by "printing however much money it takes to get the economy moving again"; by applying my proposal about money, it is also ushering in "a golden age of prosperity" in the words of the current Secretary of the Treasury. Both in economic and in national security matters, my leadership has been decisive and indispensable. Bush and others are illegitimately clinging to their offices, which they owe to me (see below), by keeping the public uninformed and bamboozled. The media can rectify this by duly informing the public. The media are controlled by the criminal group below. Bush and others are the beneficiaries of their keeping the public uninformed and bamboozled; this is this criminal group's bribe to Bush and others who owe their careers and survival to this criminal group. Hence the military, who think of giving up their lives for their country a matter of course, should regard Bush and others as more treacherous enemies than any other enemies they can think of. Bush and others are in the business of keeping everyone, including the military, bamboozled while they serve their real masters--the criminal group below--not their country. Due to force of habit, the military may find it difficult to speak out but they have a spokesman in the undersigned and they should support him who is also their true leader, not the traitor who claims to be (or, unfortunately, IS) their commander-in-chief. Satish Chandra ADDED ON AUGUST 9, 2009: Through an Op-Ed in the New York Times of August 7 '01, the criminal group below has tried to steal what I said above about the U. S. and Russia building up their nuclear arsenals with weapons of a different kind. Satish Chandra ADDED ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2001: Taking a cue from former U. S. vice president Gore's attempt to steal my strategy (see letter dated July 24 '00 and Addendum dated December 12 '00 to letter dated December 5 '00, below), the Indian government is trying to steal my proposal about money "through a big expenditure push" (Economic Times, September 6 '01, Internet) and forming a "Cabinet Committee on Economic Strategy" which "would be responsible for broad strategies" and "would deal with strategy as a whole and not individual projects, which would be dealt with by the [existing] Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs". The formation of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Strategy, done expressly to steal my proposal about money and several other steps in the past few days I could name are the consequences of the evil committed by the criminal group above which acts as a source of evil in the world, constantly polluting human society and condemning it to suffering and misery. Satish Chandra ADDED ON SEPTEMBER 15, 2001: The worst act of terrorism against the United States is the planting of nuclear weapons in the largest U. S. cities by Israel and its friends in the U. S. (see letters below) and those who harbor them are the worst enemies of the United States. There is a leadership vacuum in Washington and the military ought to fill it. If there are any patriots in the U. S. Congress who would like to impeach this president for high treason, they should speak up. This president's heart may be in the right place ( see the New York Times, September 15 '01, page A15 ) but he is a captive of Israel and its friends in the U. S. and has no freedom of speech or action. All countries in the world should provide their air space and basing facilities to U. S. forces moving to strike Israel. An international police force under U. N. auspices should be readied to take control of Washington, if necessary, to prevent mischief by Israel and its friends in the U. S. Satish Chandra

Date June 3, 2001

After a reference of mine to the Hindukush (meaning 'Indian-killer') mountain passes through which invaders repeatedly came into the subcontinent to ravage and conquer India (see letter dated March 1 '01, below), it was announced that China and Nepal have reached an agreement on building a second highway from Tibet to Nepal through the Himalayas. I was wondering what the Indian government will do about it. If Pakistan's media are correct that Nepal's royal family was eliminated by an Indian intelligence agency because of Nepal's growing relations with China (and Pakistan), the above announcement about a second Tibet-Nepal highway would have been the trigger. Satish Chandra ADDED ON JUNE 6, 2001: It will be more accurate to say that, while the letters dated March 1 and 2, 2001 below motivated the Indian government to 'do something' about the second Tibet-Nepal highway, it was the Addendum dated May 30 '01 below, about the reasons why Gen. Shelton postponed his visit, that triggered the Indian government's action. An Associated Press report from Nepal on June 5 '01 said "The government and palace have had sharp differences over the Maoist insurgency. The government has urged sending in the army, but the palace and army brass have ignored the demand. The interior minister quit last year to protest this "indifference"..". Apparently the royal family was responsible for the growing relations with China and for the second Tibet-Napal highway (a former Indian ambassador to Nepal writes--in the Times of India, June 6 '01, Internet--of the slain king's advisors playing the China card against India). It is possible that the massacre of Nepal's royal family was undertaken with the knowledge and involvement of the C.I.A. (I had drafted this Addendum saying this BEFORE I read a report of a Nepali newspaper editor being arrested for publishing an article saying the same) and that Gen. Shelton's visit was postponed (possibly at the request of the Indian government through the C.I.A.) so it will not coincide with (or occur just before) the massacre. About a day after the massacre and apparently prompted by the success of the commando operation, India's army chief said he would like to raise a commando force to deal with situations such as the takeover of the Golden Temple by Sikh extremists which led to Operation Bluestar leading to the deaths of thousands of extremists and soldiers and, later, the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh security guards (though, as I have shown elsewhere, her assassination and, later, that of her son were arranged by the same Indian intelligence agency involved in the massacre of Nepal's royal family). After having shown that Sri Lanka's Tamil insurgency, which has killed tens of thousands over 18 years, was created by the same Indian intelligence agency--a fact that is generally acknowledged in India, including by an official commission inquiring into the assassination of Indira Gandhi's son-- I had expressed astonishment that no one in India asks WHY it did so. Upon that, this intelligence agency supplied the former Editor of The Statesman--who had been fired after I showed his gross incompetence such as in commenting on India's votes in the UN Security Council during the Gulf War while ignorant of the most "basic facts" such that India was not even a member of the Security Council at the time--with a fact-packed article about Sri Lanka's history of ethnic injustice to justify and 'explain' its creation of the Tamil insurgency. After the massacre of Nepal's royal family, another fact-packed article, on Nepal's history, apparently supplied by this intelligence agency, by the same ex-editor appeared (in The Telegraph, Calcutta, of June 4) to 'explain' the massacre. Incidentally, the Tamil insurgency in Sri Lanka was created by K. Subrahmanyam, a Tamil, who had been chairman of India's Joint Intelligence Committee, as a kind of substitute for Tamil separatism in India. He could blackmail Indira Gandhi into going along, due to her participation in the suppression of the undersigned to preserve her sons' chances of succeeding her and continuing the dynasty. The latest member of the dynasty is due to visit the United States at this time. Satish Chandra

Date: May 9, 2001

Dear Editor: Giving the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] the task of dealing with nuclear terrorism is fine and good. If it is known that bombs have been planted under the World Trade Center, the first thing to do will be to evacuate the building. It is a certainty that New York City is the first of the largest cities in which Israel and its friends in the U.S. have planted nuclear bombs (see below). Before evacuating New York City or Washington, an effort ought to be made to trace the bombs. Seymour Hersh (see below) ought to be asked what he knows about the locations of the bombs, from whom he learnt of them, who else knows about them (certainly, people at the New York Times will know about them, as will heads of major organizations that are friends of Israel)--and all those people should be asked the same questions. To generate the necessary pressure on Israel's friends in the U.S.--so they will be forthcoming with information--the media blackout of the matter will have to be ended. The emphasis should be on locating the bombs, not dealing with the effects of the explosions after they have gone off (as FEMA would do). Satish Chandra ADDED ON MAY 19, 2001: The exceedingly coy approach of politicians to this foremost of all security issues (above) shows that the armed forces will have to take the initiative in the matter. Sen. Kennedy urged (on NBC 'Meet the Press' on May 13 '01) paying "greater heed to nuclear terrorism"--meaning the matter above-- than to missile defense (have any envoys been sent regarding it around the world?) but his is a voice in the wilderness. The military can step in (see letter dated November 21 '00, below) simply via INFORMATION--thoroughly inform and educate current and past military personnel in the above matter and reach out to the public at large via its own media--print, radio and ads in the general media (such as "Do you know nuclear weapons have been planted in New York City and Washington, D.C. by U.S. enemies?"). Satish Chandra ADDED ON MAY 25, 2001: The soon-to-be chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee is someone almost certainly involved in the planting of nuclear bombs in the largest U.S. cities. Let us hear something about it from Mr. Bush, from the armed forces, from the press. Mr. Bush has often made a point of emphasising that he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. As such, is it not his obligation to ensure that the chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Committee does not go to someone involved in planting nuclear bombs in the largest U.S. cities? It is well within his power to ensure this does not occur. No such person should even be a member of the Armed Services Committee. Or of the U.S. Senate. Mr. Bush should have refused to accept an honorary doctorate from Yale which is headed by a member of a criminal group, or have his wife stay at his home, or provide Federal funds to it and other such universities. He should return the honorary doctorate given to him. Mr. Bush belittled the importance of titles while paying tribute to a Texas "kingmaker" but does he not know how the kingmaker he had in mind (see letters dated April 13 '01 and February 16 '01, below) lives? Which of the "desperate rationalizations"--as the New York Times called them--will he offer now? While Mr. Bush has been making his "Jew-free Cabinet" (see letter dated February 16 '01), this criminal group has been grabbing presidentships of the major universities in the Northeast and elsewhere (see Addendum dated December 12 '00, below). If he steadfastly refrains from appointing a single member of this criminal group to his administration, it will matter; otherwise his "Jew-free Cabinet" is mere tokenism and will make no difference to the ever increasing control of the United States by this criminal group. Satish Chandra ADDED ON MAY 28, 2001: There should be no transfer of the Senate's committee chairmanships, etc., until the issue of the membership of the Senate of those involved in planting nuclear bombs in the largest U.S. cities has been resolved. The executive branch can take action that will lead to the end of the membership of the U.S. Senate of such persons. If they so wish, the concerned committees of the Senate can also start hearings on the continued Senate membership of such persons and their possible expulsion. But the executive branch can act whether or not the Senate does. With all his talk of humility, Mr. Bush may need a reminder that he is now co-equal on the one hand with the Supreme Court and, on the other, with both houses of Congress combined. Since the power of the state is the power to compel, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces his power is even greater. Satish Chandra ADDED ON MAY 30, 2001: The "operational" reasons because of which General Shelton postponed his visit to his Indian counterpart had to do with the necessity of dealing with nuclear terrorism in the face of the politicians' pusillanimity (above). He wanted to keep his priorities straight and not be like "India's lazy and stupid generals [who] spend their time saluting ...India's prime ministers & each other.." (see letter dated March 1 '01, below). Satish Chandra

Date: April 13, 2001

Dear Editor: Mr. Bush recently referred to "the immense talent of Indians and the immense wealth [they] have given" to the U. S. Since only a rare person will fit such a description, he presumably meant a particular person--not difficult to guess who. Should not such a valuable person be treated appropriately--given a modicum of security against criminals and facilities to do his work? ADDED ON EASTER, APRIL 15, 2001: A permanent solution for society requires removing criminals not just from the Cabinet but from the Administration and from academia, the media, industry and country. ADDED ON APRIL 28, 2001: It is necessary to perform the above removal RELIGIOUSLY because the most powerful weapon of these criminals is inciting evil in others--though the evil incited in others never quite matches the evil directly committed by these criminals, as I know from observation; that is why their mere presence in society is enough to destroy it. Upon my reference below to Israeli soldiers brutalizing and disemboweling Lebanese civilian doctors tied to trees, visiting Israeli officials said "War is hell" but now the New York Times has trotted out Sen. Bob Kerrey's massacre (as I have shown elsewhere, an Indian intelligence agency has committed many dozens of massacres--such as by ordering all passengers in buses out and shooting them one by one-- of Indians of this and larger magnitude due to the crimes of these criminals; see my letter dated February 22 '01 below) and has tried to bribe CBS as it earlier bribed the Boston Globe owners, a political cartoonist and many others, to cover up much more heinous crimes. Observation has shown that almost all the evil in the world, including social ills and disease (see my letter dated February 23 '01, below) can directly or indirectly be traced to these criminals. Satish Chandra

Date: March 25, 2001 Dear Editor: 1) The Justice Department should move against the securities market manipulation below (by appointing a special prosecutor) and Congress should move to impeach Bush. 2) An imbecile Harvard professor, appointed "Regulations Czar" by Bush, argues that "in many cases the cost of environmental rules vastly exceeds the benefits" (New York Times, March 25 '01, page 1). This imbecile has not included in the benefits the multiplier effect, under my proposal about money, on the economy I have described (see below). Satish Chandra

Date: March 15, 2001 Dear Editor: Mr. Bush's backing off from his campaign promise (which was due to what was said about global warming in my letter dated July 23 '00, below) to limit carbon dioxide emissions is presumably meant to 'balance' his backing off from the repeal of the repetitive motion injuries regulations, below. The public ought to know this. By failing to report on this and other highly newsworthy events contained in and resulting from these letters (see, for example, letter dated February 16 '01, below), the media have been extremely irresponsible. Another bill Mr. Bush should refrain from signing is the bankruptcy reform. By all means make it impossible for millionaires to put their money in protected mansions in Florida or Texas but that is all that needs to be done; the rest is, as Sen. Kennedy called it, 'the turkey of all turkeys'--on various grounds, including the effect on the country's prosperity. Lately Americans have had a negative savings rate, spending more than they earn. THAT is compatible with prosperity, not caution. As I have shown in my proposal about money, economic prosperity is best served if the government builds all three fighter aircraft that Mr. Bush says the government cannot afford. Through the multiplier effect I have described, the money so spent will result in an increase in the Gross Domestic Product of many times that amount. Even restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, by forcing development of new technologies or increased expenditure on existing technology, through the same multiplier effect, will result in greater economic prosperity. Compared to the amount of good--economic and other--the undersigned can do, both Alan Greenspan and George W. Bush are zeroes or worse as, indeed, are economists such as the one just selected to be president of Harvard University. Perhaps the U. S. Senate will see this truth and act accordingly. ADDED ON MARCH 24, 2001: The securities market manipulation by the government and the ethnic group below, to support the credibility of Greenspan and Bush, that was responsible for the upswing on March 22 & 23("a sudden surge of buying..seemingly out of nowhere..not related to fundamental changes in the outlook for the economy or for corporate profits"--NY Times, March 23 '01, p. C1; "A handful of core technology stocks were behind this upswing..."I don't know what changed the psychology right around 2:30 Eastern time but there was a tremenous inflow of capital into these stocks..".."--Boston Globe, March 23 '01, p. D1) is likely to continue and the public needs to beware. Satish Chandra

Date: March 10, 2001

Dear Editor: I am glad that the letter below has dissuaded Mr. Bush from signing the repeal of the work place injury prevention regulations. He has also indicated that he will reduce the size of the tax cut (for example, from six percentage points to four percentage points in the highest tax bracket), making available several hundred billion dollars. Satish Chandra

Date: March 7, 2001

Dear Editor: The Senate's repeal of measures to prevent repetitive motion injuries in the work place is most unfortunate and one hopes the House will not follow through. I know from observation the excruciating pain and crippling effects of such injuries which far outweigh the benefits of a few thousand additional dollars Mr. Bush's tax cut may provide; these dollars could better be used to subsidize OSHA's measures. Ideally, if you have not spent at least five years doing keyboarding or other repetitive work at least 20 hours a week, you should not vote on it. If Mr. Bush aims to improve the quality of life of the people, not just their disposable income, he should back off from the repeal (my proposal about money, below, can increase the disposable income also, essentially without limit, but people get pleasure from the pain and deprivation of others and Mr. Bush--who is no exception--will not want it). Satish Chandra

Date: March 2, 2001

Dear Editor: As I expected, India's Criminal Blackie Slave prime minister (this is the name for him you need to remember, Mr. Bush) has been content to write to the White Master about the destruction of the statues (below). I had hoped that Pakistan's Gen. Musharraf might come through again as he did once before in Sri Lanka but he is in Saudi Arabia for eight days on a religious pilgrimage. It is time Mr. Bush made himself useful to mankind (instead of just people in his tax bracket) and sent in American forces to stop the destruction. (Typical of a role the ethnic group below plays, today's New York Times tried to 'neutralize' the implications of the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan and pander to--or, rather, incite--the aggression of its readers by filling the top of the front page and an entire inside page with a story, datelined February 25 but dug up for this purpose, with many large color photos--one of which occupied the entire width of the page--with the theme of the poverty, hunger, backwardness and beggary of Afghanistan's people. Typical of another role this ethnic group plays were Israeli rescuers striking a heroic pose in color photos at the top of the front page of the New York Times after the bombings of American embassies in Africa arranged, as I have shown elsewhere, by Israel and its friends in the U. S. Cabinet and elsewhere). Satish Chandra

Date: March 1, 2001

Dear Editor: If ever there was a case for a United Nations' military intervention, the destruction of ancient statues in Afghanistan is one. India's government ought to drop paratroops where the destruction is occurring or threatened and send in planes and tanks, as planes and tanks are being used for the destruction. But the United Nations should move whether or not the Indian government does. I have shown elsewhere that India's government and people can accurately be described as "Criminal Blackie Slaves". India's armed forces are among the largest in the world but what are the chances that they have a contingency plan to take control of Afghanistan--a part of traditional India--if necessary (the United States' armed forces have a plan for every contingency)? India's lazy and stupid generals spend their time saluting Criminal Blackie Slaves such as India's prime ministers & each other; hence the necessity of UN intervention. (A news item in the Indian press today says China has said it will not press India and Pakistan to hold talks--because of my reference, below, to the Indian government killing tens of thousands of its own people in self-staged terrorist incidents to be able to say to the White Master it will not hold talks till such incidents stop. Note that the people of Afghanistan & Pakistan as well as Kashmir are Indians forcibly converted by handfuls of invaders--just as Indians were ruled for centuries by a handful of the British from across the seven seas--and now hate Indians for not protecting them. The Taliban's behavior is a variation on the theme of the 'Stockholm Syndrome', like Patty Hearst embracing the cause of the Symbionese Liberation Army. As to what turned India into a land of Patty Hearsts--that has to do with the 175 foot tall statue of Buddha the Taliban is destroying). Satish Chandra

Date: February 27, 2001

Dear Editor: Mr. Bush knows that his pathetic tax cut has not the thousandth part of the significance of my proposal about money--which eliminates all taxes--that he has seen but would not let the American people see. He should know what needs to be done for health and education is what I have said below; the rest will take care of itself. He knows he has not met even the minimum requirements of national security without going after the nuclear weapons, below, planted in U. S. cities & those who have done it. He has nothing to offer the American people & he should resign. Satish Chandra

Date: February 23, 2001

Dear Editor: Earlier today (for reasons I will not go into), Mr. Bush said "he will ask Congress to increase funds for health research by nearly $3 billion for the coming fiscal year". But what is most needed is uprooting of the organized criminal activity in universities that suppresses the best and brightest scientists; the ethnic group referred to below is central to this problem. What is he willing to do about that? (The most important research in biology and medicine in the last three decades and more, which promises to revolutionize these fields, was done with old laboratory equipment that originally cost a few hundred dollars). Satish Chandra

Date: February 22, 2001

Dear Editor: I have pointed out elsewhere the control of India's government by Israel and the ethnic group referred to below. I have pointed out that almost all of the terrorist incidents in India--there have been hundreds, killing tens of thousands in the last 18 years--have been conducted by an Indian intelligence agency under the tutelage of Israel. Israel similarly stages terrorist incidents--such as a recent car bomb explosion in Jerusalem which injured a woman--but the Indians have done it on a hundreds of times greater scale (one use that is made of such self-staged terrorist incidents is to say they will not talk to the other side until such incidents stop). After India's nuclear tests in 1998, a report in a Russian newspaper said that India has pure fusion bombs and can do things in the nuclear weapons field that the U. S. and Russia can only dream of. I have said that Israel has used facilities and personnel in India for nuclear weapons research and its aid to India in the nuclear weapons field is one of the principal levers of its control of the Indian government. The nuclear weapons planted in the largest U. S. cities by Israel and its friends are very likely pure fusion bombs. But what does Mr. Bush care, so long as he has the comforts of the White House and a presidential library, etc., at the end of his term? When the U. S. Secretary of State goes to Israel, he will talk about 'releasing taxes to Palestinians'. Should he not talk about Israel's planting of nuclear weapons in U. S. cities? Satish Chandra

Date: February 16, 2001

Dear Editor: On February 14, Mr. Bush said "The National Guard and reservists will be more involved in homeland security, confronting acts of terror and disorder our enemies may try to create", getting ready to 'confront' the planting of nuclear weapons in the largest U. S. cities by Israel and its friends in the U. S. (letter dated January 17, '01, below). But the very next day he slid back and said what he said before (see letter dated January 27 '01, below): "America will set its own priorities, so that they're not set by our adversaries or the crisis of the moment". Clearly, Mr. Bush is a puppet in the hands of his staff and the briefing--not the "crisis"--of the day. Were Lincoln and Washington such puppets? Mr. Bush seems incapable of providing leadership; it remains to be seen if the U. S. Senate can (Gen. Powell can but he is not president). The purpose of my letter dated November 21 '00, below, was to prevent the ethnic group referred to there gaining formal control of the United States. Mr. Bush becoming president has to be an interim step (Mr. Bush and his associates know that the fact that he is president is due to the letters below as, for example, was "the huge Christmas tree" in the Texas House of Representatives chamber from where he addressed the nation--see Addendum dated December 17 '00 to letter dated December 5 '00 below-- and the "Jew-free Cabinet" referred to by a columnist in New York Post of January 3 '01; see letter dated December 5 '00 below). The next step should be Gen. Powell becoming president. Satish Chandra

Date: February 12, 2001

Dear Editor: I myself saw, on American TV, the war crimes of Israelis (such as brutalising and disemboweling civilian Lebanese doctors tied to trees, for no other reason than race and their title of "Doctor") under the command of Sharon, who is a war criminal. Though most Americans approve of such crimes of the Israelis (American TV showed these crimes approvingly, lovingly and lingeringly on prime time network news), should not Mr. Bush be impeached for hobnobbing with this war criminal, in the past, present and planned future? Satish Chandra

Date: February 7, 2001

Dear Editor: Mr. Bush has defined his "adversaries" strictly by race & has brought Gen. Powell to heel. Next perhaps he will accuse African-Americans of planting China's nuclear weapons all over the United States. Satish Chandra

Date: January 27, 2001

Dear Editor: The "village idiot" (New York Times, December 26 '00, page A31) in the White House keeps sliding back, saying at Gen. Powell's swearing-in something about his "adversaries" setting the agenda. Those who have planted nuclear weapons in the largest U. S. cities (below) are NOT his adversaries? The New York Times (January 26 '01, page A17) highlighted a sentence spoken by him about failing schools: "Failure will be sanctioned". This IS the diction of a semi-literate; considering that governors spend much of their time applying sanctions and sanctioning things, it is surprising he has not learnt the difference. At his inauguration he referred to being guided by God; he should stick to that (that is, to God's agenda) and he can be the greatest president in U. S. history. Satish Chandra

Date: January 17, 2001

Dear Editor: Several years ago, the journalist Seymour Hersh published a book titled "The Samson Option" regarding Israel's nuclear arsenal. Samson is a Biblical character who brought down a building on top of his enemies as well as himself. The title of the book referred to the fact that Israel and its friends in the U.S. have planted nuclear weapons in the largest U.S. cities, to be exploded if necessary. The planting of these weapons is not a terrorist threat but ongoing terrorist acts. Have the outgoing president--who knows this fact--and the U.S. media done their duty to the U.S. public in this matter? How would the President-Elect's national security team deal with these terrorist acts? Satish Chandra

ADDED ON JANUARY 18, 2001: Should the outgoing president not be indicted for complicity in these terrorist acts and in the mind-boggling crimes that Israel and its friends in the U.S. have been able to perpetrate by means of these terrorist acts? Satish Chandra

Date: January 11, 2001

Dear Editor: The President-Elect has not considered the national security implications of his appointment of the U. S. Trade Representative who will be a "full member" of his cabinet. No one on his national security team can enlighten him on this point though possibly the C.I.A. Director can. He IS the dumb "boy king" as the New York Times ( December 31, '00, page wk9 ) called him and the situation will be only slightly improved if he takes his father into his cabinet. I said below on December 17, 2000 that the changes referred to there will be wrenching and an editorial in the New York Times urging "balance" in his cabinet led him to take this mis-step. (I could enlighten him on the above point but will he PAY me what he would pay members of his national security team?). Satish Chandra

Date: December 5, 2000

Dear Editor: When the U. S. Supreme Court said there was considerable uncertainty as to the extent to which the Florida Supreme Court saw the Florida Constitution overriding the U.S. Constitution and Federal law, it really meant the Florida Supreme Court had flouted the U.S. Constitution and Federal law in aiding the attempt to steal the election. The Florida Supreme Court's act was an example of the control of the United States by the ethnic group referred to in my letter dated November 21 '00 (below). This control of the United States by this ethnic group is the first issue that George W. Bush as president must address and he can do so in making appointments to his Cabinet and administration (will he appoint members of the Sicilian Mafia to his administration?).

ADDED ON DECEMBER 6, 2000: As a "lightweight" (as the New York Times called him), George W. Bush is likely to be even more of a puppet in the hands of the above ethnic group than any president so far. Ralph Waldo Emerson called this ethnic group "the ruler of the rulers of the world". Because of the mass media, it is also the ruler now of the person in the street.

ADDED ON DECEMBER 12, 2000: Even the fact that Gore tried to steal my strategy was due to the illegitimate control of academia by this ethnic group which uses violent crime, if necessary, to maintain this control. The focus should be on getting rid of this scourge. (Gore's chief lawyer was a member of a crime syndicate from this ethnic group. The chief lawyer the Florida legislature initially hired was a member of the same crime syndicate from the same ethnic group). What is so great about either of these candidates that people are so exercised about? Isn't there someone whose wisdom and leadership everyone accepts? Why aren't they agitating for him?

ADDED ON DECEMBER 17, 2000: General Powell is likely to be the dominant personality in the new Cabinet but he has no vision and cannot afford to have one. He has brought with him a cold blast of past policies summarised in a clever sub-heading in a New York Times editorial during the Gulf War: "Blacks are killing browns for whites". (His legacy endures in, for example, the behavior of an African-American subway train operator who, during one of President Clinton's military operations in the Middle East, crushed me with the doors as I got on at Harvard station and then advanced on me demanding "Say thank you! Say thank you!", confident that the trainful of mostly white passengers will support his assault). The president-elect had tears of gratitude and relief in his eyes as Gen. Powell freed him from the perhaps wrenching changes (symbolised by 'the huge Christmas tree that dominated' the Texas House of Representatives chamber from which he addressed the nation) advocated here.

ADDED ON DECEMBER 20, 2000: I) "Gore...made no secret during the campaign of his disdain for the Texas governor, whom he considered an intellectual lightweight unfit for the presidency" (Boston Globe, Dec. 20 '00, page A40). Mr. Bush had been criticised for not knowing the name of the Indian prime minister but that deserved applause because a mind uncluttered with trivia is necessary to focus on the essentials and make good decisions (when I once talked to this prime minister on the telephone, I did not know how to pronounce his name). The fact of the matter is that 'drifting from oil ventures to partial ownership of a baseball team', etc., is better preparation for life and presidentship than speaking in elegant sentences. In the "nonsensical knot" cited by a newspaper (New York Times, Dec. 14 '00, page A19)--"Families is where our nation takes hope, where wings take dream"--the "wings take dream" is easily identified as "dreams take wings"; such reversals can easily occur when, for example, fatigued and can be found aplenty in the work of poets and super-star authors such as James Joyce (the subject of perhaps a thousand Ph.D. dissertations by scholars of English), 27 sheets of whose nonsensical scribblings just sold for over a million and a half dollars (New York Times, Dec. 20 '00, page A26). II)An environmental issue for the new Administration: cancer is NOT the only or the most serious danger of cell phones; other, more serious, harm such as disruption of brain function and brain damage is essentially universal and well established and, for this reason, reports in the press today saying "Cell Phone Studies See No Link to Brain Cancer" dangerously mislead the public. What I said in my letter dated October 5, 1999 bears repeating: "Studies of possible harms to the brain from cell phone use by the Wireless Technology Research Group, meant to be a definitive, industry-wide effort, focus on cancer and genetic damage but miss other, more likely, harmful effects. If I bring my cell phone within a foot and a half of an answering machine, the answering machine starts buzzing. If its radiation has such an effect on the electrical circuits of an answering machine, one can imagine the effects on the far more delicate and vulnerable electrical circuits of the brain which is essentially a bundle of trillions of electrical circuits. The buzzing of the answering machine at one and a half foot is just one, rather gross, effect observed. Significant, possibly devastating and permanent, disruptions of the functioning of the brain's electrical circuits could occur at much larger distances. These disruptions could keep an Einstein from producing a Theory of Relativity or produce subtle and not so subtle effects on memory and a myriad other brain functions. Use of a cell phone with a headset, with an earpiece and a microphone, which has been pronounced safe by the project's head, George Carlo, in a press interview (Boston Globe, October 4, 1999, Health/Science section, page C1) keeps the cell phone's antenna just about a foot and a half from the head. "The project head's statement in the press interview above that radiation from cell phones penetrates two to two and a half inches inside the skull and so keeping the cell phone more than two inches away from the head would be safe shows utter ignorance of basic electrical principles. One is aghast at the fact that for six years this scientist has headed a $27 million research effort of a consortium, overseen by scientists at Harvard University, on possible harms of cell phone use."

ADDED ON DECEMBER 26, 2000: Although 'nonsensical knots' such as above can occur due to fatigue and are found in the work of poets and super-star authors, they can also be indicative of serious problems such as mentioned in connection with cell phones above. If there is doubt about the intellectual fitness of an individual for the powerful office of President, it is probably prudent to appoint someone else within the provisions of the Constitution. Satish Chandra

Date: November 27, 2000

Dear Editor: The point made in my Addendum dated November 25 '00 (below) bears reiteration. "Although court contests are a regular feature of local elections across the country, there is no precedent for such a case in the context of a presidential election" (Washington Post, November 27 '00, Internet). There is no precedent for a "contest" in presidential voting because no one is elected to an office in such voting whose election could be contested. The voting merely has a bearing on the appointment of a state's representatives to the Electoral College. A state legislature has full discretion to determine the manner in which the state's representatives to the Electoral College will be appointed and, if the state legislature so chooses, it can even ignore the results of the presidential voting in the state in appointing the state's representatives to the Electoral College. If someone goes to a court in connection with presidential voting, the proper response is to tell the court it has no role in the matter and to ignore its verdict if it proceeds. ADDED ON NOVEMBER 30, 2000: The above is the right and the duty of the state legislature --not when the outcome of the presidential voting in the state is uncertain but in all circumstances. Delay in the exercise of this right or the discharge of this duty in certain circumstances can cause chaos and pain and the burdening of the courts with matters that are not their's to resolve. This is occurring now. Satish Chandra

Date: November 24, 2000

Dear Editor: With reference to my letters below: now that Mr. Gore's bid to steal the election has been thwarted, he owes two apologies: a public apology to the American people for trying to steal the election and a promise to quit politics and a public apology to the undersigned for trying to steal his strategy. Because of my reference to civilian leadership in the letter dated November 21 '00 (below), Mr. Clinton has tried to recoup his civilian leadership by urging (on Thanksgiving Day) that all of the military ballots be counted. He deserves congratulations for that. This also brings the "unity" Mr. Gore urged after my letter dated November 21 '00 (he was implying I was a 'divisive force'). ADDED ON NOVEMBER 25, 2000: It is reported Mr. Gore plans to "contest" election results in Florida on Monday after they are certified on Sunday. But no one was elected to any office whose election he could contest; that voting merely had a bearing on the appointment of Florida's representatives to the Electoral College and the state legislature has full discretion to determine the manner in which they will be appointed. Satish Chandra

Date: November 23, 2000

Dear Editor: With reference to my letter dated November 21 '00 (below): It has been said the Florida state legislature can appoint the state's members of the Electoral College. The situation is now ripe for the state legislature to do so. No court can say or do anything in the matter that will be as legitimate as such an act of the state legislature. It had been reported that the Florida governor had recused himself from the body certifying election results because of his relationship to one of the candidates. But he cannot be excused from the discharge of his duties as governor because of such a relationship. The same applies to a proclamation by him if one is needed now. Satish Chandra

Date: November 21, 2000

Dear Editor: As I said in my letter dated July 24 '00 (below), Gore tried to steal my strategy without giving me due credit. He is now trying to steal the election at the prompting of an ethnic group which sees an opportunity to take formal control of the United States which it already, illegitimately, controls. The basic point about vote recounts is that any special, microscopic scrutiny of any particular group of ballots is not justified; the error-prone procedures applied to the 100 million ballots should be applied uniformly except that Florida law required a recount if the difference was less than a certain percentage and that was, rightly, done. That should be the end of it. The military could step in to prevent the illegitimate control of the country by a small ethnic group (would it not have done so if the Sicilian Mafia had tried to do so through John F. Kennedy?) but is unlikely to do so without civilian leadership. The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee could legitimately provide such leadership. Satish Chandra

Date: July 24, 2000

Dear Editor: On Sunday, July 23, 2000, about 8:20 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) I E-Mailed the following letter to the editor to United States newspapers:-

Date: July 23, 2000

Dear Editor: I just read an article in the Boston Globe Magazine about George W. Bush's political strategist. I find it astonishing that an incumbent vice president is not the front runner in a contest with someone who was owner of a sports team until 1994. Gore should define himself as the Environment candidate, speak fanatically and obsessively--not necessarily at length--about the environment, particularly Global Warming. His solutions need not be more radical than Bush's--if the latter has any--and he need not propose any solutions at all before becoming president, but he should emphasize the issue constantly and make it the number one issue and center piece of his campaign. That will make him genuine and relevant and not manufactured fluff and the public will likely vote him in. (If the strategy succeeds--test it for a month--he should pay me whatever he would have paid his official strategists). Sincerely, Satish Chandra

The U.S. vice president grabbed at my advice as the following Associated Press report, datelined July 24, 2000 shows: "Gore touts support of Sierra Club: Environmental group is expected to provide its endorsement today: Vice President Al Gore touted the backing of a big environmental group Sunday...The 600,000 member environmental group will formally issue its endorsement of Mr. Gore on Monday when its leader Robert Cox campaigns with the vice president in Michigan and Ohio. But Mr. Gore WENT OUT OF HIS WAY [emphasis added] to underscore environmental issues Sunday at campaign events in New Jersey and New York." He must have done the underscoring after I sent the above letter to the press--if he had done it before my letter, the Associated Press report would have been datelined July 23-- but is claiming to have done it Sunday to avoid giving me credit for his new strategy. That is regrettable. The Associated Press report continues: "Gore aides also were boasting of the endorsement..."It reflects Al Gore's lifelong commitment to the environment. It is a PASSION [emphasis added]"." Satish Chandra